Circus Sarasota

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Project Description

Generative Portraits (2014)
Collaboration with R. Luke DuBois

Circus Sarasota is a series of portraits of performers involved with the Circus Arts Conservatory in Sarasota, Florida. The project consists of five high-definition screens in custom frames. The frames show generative video portraits of Duo Romanesc (“Towering Feats of Strength”), Gena (“Juggler Extraordinaire”), “Texas” Jack Fulbright (“Fastest Roper in the World”), Dolly Jacobs (“Queen of the Air”), and Pedro Reis (“Visionary Impresario”). Cinematographer Aaron Henderson, myself, and a local crew filmed these indoors and outdoors at the Ringling Museum of Art in the summer of 2013 using high-speed high-definition cameras. A custom typeface for the project was designed by Ksenya Samarskaya. The result is an update of the traditional circus poster, as done by the Strobridge Lithography Company in the 19th century for the touring American circus and Wild West shows.


Director: R. Luke DuBois
Video: Aaron Henderson
Type: Ksenya Samarskaya


September 14-October 19, 2014
R. Luke DuBois: Portraits
New York, NY

January 31-May 4, 2014
R. Luke DuBois – Now
Ringling Museum of Art
Sarasota, FL