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Project Description

High speed video series (2014)
Collaboration with R. Luke DuBois

This series of screen-based portraits, shot in August 2014, captures seven of Dubois’ longtime collaborators: flutist Natacha Diels, bassist Melvin Gibbs, trombonist Chris McIntyre, violinist Todd Reynolds, guitarist Elliott Sharp, cellist Alex Waterman, and composer-performer Bora Yoon. Filmed in high-speed video, and slowed considerably in playback, the individual details not seen by the naked eye become focal points of interest, portraying the inner world of each sitter through the minutiae of their gestures and sounds.

The video recording of each musician captures three consecutive sessions. In the studio, DuBois instructed the musicians to play for six minutes per take, while capturing video at 240 frames per second. The edits of the takes, played back at 24 frames per second, result in three hours of screen playback. The sound then was algorithmically processed by DuBois using a custom “averaging” software, which yielded a rich audio track for each sitter that is continuously ambient and reverberant.


Director: R. Luke DuBois
Cinematography: Aaron Henderson

Flute: Natacha Diels
Bass: Melvin Gibbs
Trombone: Chris McIntyre
Violin: Todd Reynolds
Guitar: Elliott Sharp
Cello: Alex Waterman
Vocals and various instruments: Bora Yoon


September 14-October 19, 2014
R. Luke DuBois: Portraits
New York, NY