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Project Description

Site Specific Light Installation (2015)

According to the time of day, the natural sunlight strikes the Rotunda walls in shapes that shift from spherical to elliptical, and at various heights depending on the seasons. Aaron Henderson’s digital light composition captures the flow of sunlight, one day for each month and in accelerated motion, thus revealing the movement of the sun and its interaction with the paintings. Filling the space is Mathew Rosenblum’s surrounding sound piece, subtly bringing in elements captured outside the room, such as birds in the garden or water from the fountain. Segments of organ melodies recall the historical use of the room, originally planned as a music chamber, as testified by the inscription in the stone arch above the door.


Light Installation: Aaron Henderson
Painting: Michael Morrill
Sound: Mathew Rosenblum

Technical Director: Jamie Jewett
Gallery Director: Isabelle Chartier


This project was funded by a Faculty Research and Scholarships grant (FRSP) from the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. Digital programming was made with the collaboration of Jamie Jewett. The artists were assisted by Anthony Ameel-Kovacs, Luke DuBois, Rebecca Dzuricky, and Herman Pearl. The artists and the curator gratefully thank Dean Richard Howe, Delanie Jenkins, Barbara McCloskey, Jeremiah McKain, Facilities Management, and Karoline Swiontek for their help and support.