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Project Description

Performance (2015)
Collaboration with Lostwax

Zoologic, generated from Thalia Field’s poetic and dramatic text, centers on Heini Hediger. Known as the “father of zoo biology” for his extensive behavioral studies of animals in the wild and in captivity, Hediger determined that the “flight distance” of each animal – that is, the distance at which another animal or human will trigger that animal to run or fly away – should match the size of an animal’s cage. Using footage taken from zoo cams and drones from around the world as well as match.com profile pictures from hundreds of users, the scope of the piece is expansive. In the performance drones of various shapes and sizes join the dancers onstage, in turns surveilling them, protecting them, and becoming fellow living creatures. The result is at once romantic and nightmarish, raising the urgent question: What happens to animals and people as technologies of surveillance and communication expand into the wildest and most intimate corners of life?


More info: www.lostwax.org